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PWN-345 Real Estate Weekly

by on Mar.22, 2020, under Podcast

Fey is riled up as he takes a rattley ride in Zpeedy Gonzales. Father is oblivious to the dangers of Covid-19. Scotty wants to send Dad to the mall. Deal number 1 for the house sale falls through. Deal number 2 is active and progressing well. Some concerns with the economy makes waiting for an approved house sale anxiety ridden. Scotty The Little Aussie Battler calls in several times with various comments. Fey finally fixes his garage door opener.

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PWN-335 RE-POST Combustion Engine Apple Box

by on Oct.20, 2019, under Podcast

This RE-POST includes the voice message from Scotty Battler. Go to 7:00 minutes if you’ve already listened once.

Fey explains his plans for Dad and why Dad would move in to a house that Fey will sell. Scotty The Aussie Battler calls in because he has no podcast of his own. The Geeky Gay went to Amsterdam and you won’t believe what he ate!! George in Atlanta has adopted a car-less life and Fey goes on a diatribe about how bad it is to run an engine for a short time. Fey didn’t tell you about the garage door saga.

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George in Atlanta:

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DTT-060 Don’t Box Me In

by on Jul.23, 2019, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Fey and Brenda come out of retirement to talk about retirement and vacations. Brenda defends herself against an elderly woman. Some talk about homely looking musical superstars from the 70’s. Brenda talks about her vacation to Portland and Fey talks about his vacation to the north. Fey quits work and proposes living in a 256 sq ft space with his husband. Some breakfast talk and Fey and Brenda get haircuts. Death, dismemberment and disability. Fey lays out his future retirement plans.

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PWN-325 Dog Urine and Dropped Water

by on Apr.10, 2019, under Podcast

Max the Dog and Speedy Gonzales go to the doctor. Big Fatty sneaks onto MY show. Another washing machine adventure. The government saves us from ourselves. A little self-debate about grammar. Frustration at unprepared professional people. Urine collection day and a clean-up on aisle three. Brake line fluid flush fiasco.

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Big Fatty:

Amy and Bay from Gritz to Glitz (Vocabulary Vixen):

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PWN-321 Fog of Confusion

by on Jan.12, 2019, under Podcast

Scotty Battler sends in a podcast worth of voicemails. He also gets a new family member. Lots of talk about home renovations. Contractors cancel, insulation goes in and drywallers make a timely appearance right before Jesus rains on my drywall. Father loses his grip on time. Fey buys some vulgar tools and the bathtub doesn’t fit.

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PWN-298 One-Eyed Girl

by on Dec.22, 2017, under Podcast

We start with a postal task then Fey talks about range anxiety in Zpeedy Gonzales on the top of a mountain. Scotty Battler calls in with some news. Divisions, Sections and Paragraphs. Then I get tired of you and end the episode abruptly.

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PWN-296 Weekday Person

by on Nov.28, 2017, under Podcast

Fey can’t function with the shoes he’s wearing. Fey consumes some consumables. The City is trying to Get Me. Rules and Regulations rule my life. Fey installs a Home Car Charging System for Zpeedy Gonzales and tracks his car energy consumption. Trying to buy a pocket door. The reality of learning a new job sets in.

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PWN-291 I’m Transitioning

by on Sep.16, 2017, under Podcast

Nothing gets done on vacation. Saying goodbye to an era: Manufactured hate against a beloved one. Counting down to the end of a good job. What is your strategy for handling your linen clothes?

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PWN-288 Beater Bar Belts

by on Jul.19, 2017, under Podcast

The definition of Brake-Checking and driving in the fast lane. My new ugly trailer and electrical lighting box. British Columbia is burning. The $3000 Vacuum. Basement Renovation Woes.

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Ranger John of “On the DF”:


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DTT-049 Grass Clippings in my Salad

by on Apr.26, 2017, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Brenda makes fun of Fey’s car buying addiction. We get our hairs cut and complain about pancakes. We talk about expensive pots and pans. A very expensive tire repair estimate. Food issues – changing to a healthier diet.

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