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PWN-316 Fire Starter Fey

by on Nov.01, 2018, under Podcast

Fey talks about recent trips to the north. Dad gets a new car. Listeners are buying cars. Fire Marshall Fey goes to school. Goodbye to the scooter – hello new toilet. Car insurance coverage talk. Sorry about the poor audio, I accidentally recorded in low quality mode.

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PWN-315 The Key to Happiness

by on Oct.18, 2018, under Podcast

Fey comes clean during a long drive to work and drops a bombshell. Fey saves the day but decides that he’s ready to flush socialism down the drain.

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George in Atlanta:

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PWN-313 Strutting My Stuff

by on Aug.09, 2018, under Podcast

Dorian Gray gets an update and this is a detailed account of the performance with new struts Fey installed. There’s been some washing and painting around the Castle. Ruminations about getting a new car.

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PWN-310 Silent Mode

by on Jun.21, 2018, under Podcast

Some minor repairs to the Panamera, thanks to Brenda Boo. I throw a comment out that might make KC in Denver raise an eyebrow. Mr Anderson’s company summer BBQ party. Lots of work related business happening this summer. Many voicemessages from The Little Aussie Battler.

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PWN-309-3 Lessons For Life

by on Jun.07, 2018, under Podcast

Fey returns from vacation and talks about his motorhome trip, where your quality of life is measured by the bank angle on your bed. Great vistas with no other humans getting in the way. The secret to true happiness is revealed.

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PWN-308 Mobile Lemon Squeezer

by on May.22, 2018, under Podcast

Attempts to record this show ending up on the cutting room floor. Trying to find some clear roads to flush out some endorphins. Preparing for a traveling vacation around British Columbia. I talk about Track Day in the Assassin. How do you know the efforts you make result in positive outcomes?

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PWN-306 It’s a New Car!

by on Mar.26, 2018, under Podcast

What day is it? An answer for RangerJohn and Daniel. My body is sore from grinding on my stump. Time for Dad to move in. Work drags me down.

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PWN-305 Teeth or Tires

by on Mar.14, 2018, under Garage, Podcast

Last day of vacation and I review some of the naughty activities I’ve been up to. A visit to Vancouver Island and a road worthy of the Assassin. The Assassin finally wins me over. Should I get a bridge or an implant for a tooth in my head? Thanks to KC in Denver for the e-mail.

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PWN-303 Innocuous Wing

by on Feb.15, 2018, under Podcast

Fey’s on a mission to have fun. Mike in Squamish wins the Number One Fan of the BFO! In search of Tamper Proof Torx bits. Fey complains about the Panamera. Select-a-size paper towels and white out.

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PWN-298 One-Eyed Girl

by on Dec.22, 2017, under Podcast

We start with a postal task then Fey talks about range anxiety in Zpeedy Gonzales on the top of a mountain. Scotty Battler calls in with some news. Divisions, Sections and Paragraphs. Then I get tired of you and end the episode abruptly.

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