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PWN-282 Dad Gets a Divorce

by on Mar.21, 2017, under Podcast

Out for a test drive after a new battery installation on Dorian Gray. Support from co-workers on the pending job change, investigating other work opportunities and dealing with some emotional aspects. Ranger John and his reluctant Fiat 500, de-icing airplanes, and Sea Monkeys. Colonoscopy time.

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DTT-047 Mother was a Strong Male Role Model

by on Mar.17, 2017, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Brenda worries about getting access to Fey when he gets a new job. Gender non-specific names and the Real Housewives franchise. The relentless brain and it’s games. Were you abandoned by your parents?

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PWN-281 Brace Yourself

by on Mar.07, 2017, under Podcast

A bombshell drops! This is cinema verite.

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PWN-280 Romantic Getaway

by on Mar.03, 2017, under Podcast

Some more car questions on my first day of vacation. Midwest Matt’s dash instruments go blank on his Toyota Prius. Ranger John wants to shuffle cars. Oil leaks on the Spycar. A romantic getaway. Escaping to Canada. Submitting my taxes.

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DTT-046 Impulse Control

by on Feb.19, 2017, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Brenda cries at the sight of Fey. Purging unwanted binge buys. How do you tell a fake accent? Women’s version of aggression and possession. Bad attitudes and refusing to be ‘old.’

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PWN-279 Love and The Supreme Court

by on Feb.17, 2017, under Podcast

A tentative resolution to the Great Father Divorce Saga. Laffing Buddha asks a question about headlights. Congrats to Musing Mark. Midwest Matt gets arrested again. All Wheel Drive vs 4 Wheel Drive.

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PWN-278 Trumpeters

by on Jan.31, 2017, under Podcast

Apologies for not properly recording the Ruby Red episode with Big Fatty. A little mental health drive to refresh my psyche and a rant about American Trumpeters. Then in typical Canadian fashion, I immediately apologize for my outburst. And a small rally to keep your spirits motivated.

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DTT-045 A Hurry Hard Secret

by on Jan.26, 2017, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Peanuts at McDonalds is causing busy Mom’s to have anaphalactic shock! Keep your race to yourself – my colour is better than your colour! Brenda is knocking on Death’s door as we run around town on her birthday. Fey reveals a deep dark secret. The problem with electronic written communications. Podcasting Circle of Life. We try to get legal advice and Brenda chills out.

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PWN-277 Tin Man

by on Jan.14, 2017, under Podcast

The Tin Man goes for a drive at the risk of breaking a twig. Trucker Alex throws dirt in my face. Out of practice in Dorian Gray. Work has been busy. I refuse the title of “SIR.” Dad keeps me hopping. The state of the United States political field.

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DTT-044 Hatchet Job

by on Jan.02, 2017, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Fey and Brenda babble about various things before they delve into the heavy topic of murder and entitlement. Portions of the recorded 911 call have been truncated to remove lengthy gaps. Brenda vomits up a good story.

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