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PWNG-087 More Tesla Complaints

by on Jan.21, 2022, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey makes a retraction about ethanol fuels. All opinions stated herein are opinions and may not necessarily be facts. Tesla gets an un-needed software update to Version 11. Fey complains bitterly about Tesla owners and his Tesla Model 3.

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PWNG-086 4WD and Ethanol Fallicy

by on Jan.05, 2022, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey takes a run in the TowMonster on a cold snowy day to discuss 4 wheel drive driving practices versus all wheel drive driving in snow or on slippery surfaces. Scotty the Aussie Battler asks about ethanol fuels.

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PWNG-085 Turbo Temps and DEF

by on Oct.22, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorKC in Denver gets a new diesel Chevy Silverado so Fey goes on and on about diesel engines, temperature management and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Fey has installed all the winter tires he has in his inventory.

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PWNG-084 SecondDrive 2020 Tesla Model 3

by on Oct.13, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

Fey gives the Tesla another chance, taking it on a 3 hour tour. Fey talks about some of the camera recording functions and energy consumption concerns. Where is the wiper on/off switch? Fey has positive comments about the driving characteristics of the Tesla, despite the small steering wheel and short seats. The trunk opening is small. Fey talks about the automatic driving features on the car, such as the instance where the cruise control shuts off unexpectedly.

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PWNG-083 FirstDrive 2020 Tesla Model 3

by on Oct.08, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage Door

Fey takes us on a ride in his recently purchased 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. This vehicle has a 54KWhour battery, a 211KW rear drive motor providing 275 Foot-lbs of torque or 375 Newton-metres of torque. The range is approximately 250 miles or 400 kms. The purchase price of this 2020 Tesla was $69,000 including all taxes. Fey has a lot of complaints about this car, but ultimately you will hear giggles of joy. The Auto-Drive features are unsettling and do not inspire confidence in the accuracy of the lane-keeping or cruise speed maintaining. Fey has a warning for KC in Denver about his new diesel engine.

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PWNG-082 Stop Starting Me

by on Aug.11, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey responds to a request from the Dark Forest podcast but talks about rotating tires to solve a wheel balance issue with the TowMonster. The Lovely Daniel had a stalling out problem with his Subaru. Is it a coolant issue or a start/stop issue?

Find Daniel’s story here:

The Dark Forest 394 “Lo Inexplicado”:

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PWNG-081 Tires and Electric Range

by on Jul.22, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorArcher (from ArcherRadio – has a question about replacing tires and how many miles you should get out of a set of tires. Fey talks about getting the Electric Car back and forth to the dealer for service and has a rant about U-Haul trailer rentals. Fey cancels an RV vacation trip and starts doomsday prepping.

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PWNG-080 More Door Locks

by on Jul.06, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey drives into town for some time-sensitive chores and answers a question from Dennis in Colorado Springs. Zpeedy Gonzales needs to see the doctor and its creating a logistical challenge. Lots of catastrophic forest fires in BC, mostly caused by trains. Fey finally cleans his kitchen – well partially, anyway. Dennis’ car doors are not working properly possibly due to the aftermarket remote starter kit.

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But First Podcast:

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PWNG-079 Plug-in Hybrid All Wheel Drives

by on Jun.19, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey answers a question about ThatPeterG’s husband wanting a PLUG-IN hybrid all wheel drive. We discuss the difference between a hybrid and a PLUG-IN hybrid and why is a plug-in hybrid ALL-WHEEL DRIVE available in Europe but not in North America. A discussion about minimum energy efficiency requirements in a car company’s line of saleable vehicles. Also Fey talks about the possibility of cars not being brought to market for lack of consumer demand (marketability) for a vehicle, or the costs of getting a new vehicle safety certified. Fey works a deal on his way to the Doctor’s Dungeon.

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George in Atlanta:

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PWNG-078 – RE-POST – Correspondence

by on May.24, 2021, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorRE-POST including George In Atlanta’a voicemail.

George in Atlanta has exciting news. Fey talks about self parking features, and maximizing hybrid electric functionality in city driving. Epilonious responded to Fey about tires and Fey gets confused about exactly which tires he has on his vehicle. Dorian Gray has wonky handling characteristics and Fey is searching for a performance shop to dial in Dorian for faster corners. Scotty the Aussie Battler asks about SUVs and second hand car prices. Fey counsels Scotty AGAINST buying a new SUV.

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Scotty The Little Aussie Battler: @0zzieBattler

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