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PWNG-069 LOTSL Questions

by on Feb.10, 2019, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage Door

It’s car questions ONLY in this episode. The LOTSL Gang has been discussing cars and I have to make everything right. ThatPeterG asks about tailpipes and why do some cars have only one while others have two. Dr. Wes Stone has been experiencing an activation of his low oil pressure warning light.

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DTT-059 A Fine Day

by on Jan.22, 2019, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Fey and Brenda talk about birthdays, poutine and beer. They have a conversation about aging and being viewed by other people according to age.

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PWN-321 Fog of Confusion

by on Jan.12, 2019, under Podcast

Scotty Battler sends in a podcast worth of voicemails. He also gets a new family member. Lots of talk about home renovations. Contractors cancel, insulation goes in and drywallers make a timely appearance right before Jesus rains on my drywall. Father loses his grip on time. Fey buys some vulgar tools and the bathtub doesn’t fit.

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PWN-320 Nabbed!

by on Dec.31, 2018, under Podcast

Fey couldn’t let the year end on an uneven episode number so he talks about his winter travel adventures with Dad and Mr Anderson and shakes his fist (figuratively) at young kids these days. Fey avoids a crash but can’t avoid the long arm of the law in a short bonus segment never previously released! Happy New Year!!

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DTT-058 Tech Support With My Dad

by on Dec.30, 2018, under Drive Time Tonopah, Podcast

Brenda talks about being frustrated at work and shopping for expensive stemware. Brenda wants Fey to start a new podcast called “Tech Support With My Dad.” We talk about clothing, material patterns, and paying high dollars for things, and argue about death dates of famous people – Brenda provides some fact checking at the end.

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PWN-319 2018 Christmas Day Run

by on Dec.25, 2018, under Podcast

Fey reviews the 2018 year: a new job, fun in a motorhome, basement renovations, preparing to retire and dealing with his father’s diminishing memory.

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PWN-318 I Missed the Urinal

by on Dec.04, 2018, under Podcast

Dad has a change of heart and seems interested in moving into the future basement suite in Fey Manor. Some condolences to Archerr and Midwest Matt in the passing of their fathers, and to Big Fatty dealing with his mother’s failing memory. Fey complains about all the fires at his work. Rant 1: Fey rants about the fire bells going off. Rant 2: Fey rants about general contractors and trying to keep them on track.

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PWN-317 Fridays Suck

by on Nov.12, 2018, under Podcast

Shout out to Archerr in the impending passing of his father. Dad gets a car and wreaks a small amount of havoc. Fey’s fireman workload increases. Scotty Battler has a car question about purchasing a new car. Fey plays plumber.

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PWN-316 Fire Starter Fey

by on Nov.01, 2018, under Podcast

Fey talks about recent trips to the north. Dad gets a new car. Listeners are buying cars. Fire Marshall Fey goes to school. Goodbye to the scooter – hello new toilet. Car insurance coverage talk. Sorry about the poor audio, I accidentally recorded in low quality mode.

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PWN-315 The Key to Happiness

by on Oct.18, 2018, under Podcast

Fey comes clean during a long drive to work and drops a bombshell. Fey saves the day but decides that he’s ready to flush socialism down the drain.

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